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Maintenance Programs 

Level 50 Inspection

Performed Monthly or Quarterly Level 50 provides a 25-point inspection and test run with or without site load (Customer must approve transfer to emergency power) Kodiak Power Systems will update your site log and report any discrepancies. Level 50 inspections feature an e-mailed inspection report sent within 48 hours of the completed inspection. Inspections can also be sent via regular mail. Benefit from quick condition reports of your critical back-up power systems.

Level 100 Inspection

Performed Quarterly or Semi-annually Level 100 Inspections feature a complete and comprehensive 91-point inspection of your generator and transfer switches. The site will be transferred to emergency power (customer approved) Kodiak Power will update the site log, note any potential issues and recommend any needed additional required maintenance or repairs. Level 100 inspections feature an emailed or mailed reporting.

Level 200 Inspection / Fluid and Filter Change 

Performed Annually Level 200 Inspections feature the same comprehensive 91-point inspection of the Level 100 with fluid and filter change, Kodiak Power Systems uses only OEM or premium brand filters and fluids. Oil sampling with laboratory analysis is available upon request for a nominal extra fee. Kodiak Power will inventory, remove and document all fluids and filters removed from the site. KPS will transport these items to a Minnesota PCA approved collection facility and provide you with a collection receipt for your records.

Level 300 Inspection

Cooling System Maintenance Performed every 36-months. Level 300 service. Keeps your cooling system in top notch condition. With

Level 300 the cooling system the Genset will have the coolant drained and flushed (if needed). All cooling system hoses are replaced including jacket water heater hoses. Engine thermostats and pressure caps are also replaced. The cooling system is re-filled with new coolant, mixed to the proper temperature rating and levels. Jacket water heaters are tested and adjusted. The unit is test run to ensure proper cooling system operation and temperature drop across the heat-exchanger, along with proper engine thermostat operation. KPS will remove all waste fluids from the site and transport these items to a Minnesota PCA approved collection facility.

Level 400 Inspection

Meg-Ohm Testing Performed Annually Provides added protection and year to year tracking of the Generator winding condition. The Level 400 can identify potential issues due to moisture and corrosion of the generator windings. Kodiak Power will perform a complete inspection of the main and excitation stators and rotors. The generator bearings are inspected and lubricated, the voltage regulator is inspected and adjusted. All electrical connections are checked for proper torque specification. Kodiak Power provides a complete report for your records.

Level 500  Resistive Load Bank Testing 

Performed Annually Level 500 Load Bank testing provides assurance that your mission critical equipment will meet the demand when needed. Load Bank Testing also guards against valve train oil slobbering caused from light load demands. Kodiak Power provides a standard 2-hour full load test with a complete Level 500 Test Report for your records. 4,6 or 8 hour tests are also available.

Level 600 Valve Adjustment

Performed every 36-60 months Keep the engine in top operating condition with valve lash checks and adjustments. Kodiak Power Systems adjusts the valve train to factory specifications, installs a new valve cover gasket and test runs the engine post adjustment.

Level 800 Fuel Testing 

Performed every 24 months. Assure your stored fuel supply is free of water intrusion and bacterial growth Kodiak Power will obtain a fuel sample using approved collection instruments and test the fuel and provide a detailed laboratory report along with remedial action recommendations if required.

Level 900 Starting Battery Replacement 

Performed every 24-30 months Keep your generator’s starting ability at the top of your list. Kodiak Power uses on the highest quality low Imodium batteries for replacement. Low Imodium batteries are specifically designed for use with battery chargers. KPS will also adjust the battery charger for optimum performance. Kodiak Power will transport the old battery from the site and dispose at a Minnesota PCA approved collection facility.

Level 1100 Infrared Diagnostic Imaging 

Performed Annually Level 1100 testing is an inexpensive way to identify potential catastrophic failures within your mission critical electrical switch gear. Kodiak Power Systems employs the latest imaging technology to capture these potential problem areas and recommends any remedial actions. Level 1100 features state of the art electronic reporting software.

Training and Consulting 

Kodiak Power Systems can provide operator training. Keep your on-site personal familiar with your emergency power system and related equipment. Kodiak Power will train your maintenance personal on the monthly and weekly maintenance, testing and reporting requirements of your critical emergency systems. KPS will train operators on “best practices” when performing monthly or weekly testing. Standard hourly rates apply.